The Lithium Triangle Chile-Bolivia-Argentina

The area within the Lithium region is filled with a range of complex topics, cases, and challenges. These span from its geopolitical position to the preservation of its unique ecosystem, touching upon human rights and the concept of ancestral heritage.

At Lithium Republic XYZ, our focus lies in presenting a Latin American perspective on these matters and harnessing decentralization technologies to foster inclusivity. Yet, we recognize that accessing technology can be tough due to various reasons. We have confidence that the best approach to overcome this hurdle is through hands-on experience and experimentation, treating it as a gradual learning process

What is Lithium Republic XYZ?

Lithium Republic XYZ operates as a WEB3 laboratory with a specific emphasis on the geographical area recognized as the lithium triangle, encompassing the wetlands region connecting Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina.

Utilizing a collection of metaverses as experimental platforms, the project endeavors to explore virtual representations of environments facing crises. Its objective is to facilitate interdisciplinary research concerning the present state of this region. Furthermore, the project seeks to compile insights about the intricate interplay among energy futures, geohumanities, and indigenous perspectives.

Liti Token

With the beta version of the project, we’re introducing the Liti token. Its main mission is to kickstart a decentralized process. This token operates as a governance tool, offering a chance to actively contribute to the evolution of Lithium Republic XYZ.

The Liti token is designed to represent cultural value rather than financial gain in any way. We see it as an experimental tool, a way to explore fresh perspectives in sciences, humanities, and community-driven politics.


What You Can Do with the Liti Token

To start, the governance token allows you to make decisions, vote on content, and have a say in determining the next research directions.

In the initial project phase, you’ll also have the opportunity to access EXPERIMENTAL NFTs that are currently in development.

How Can You Get the Token?

To celebrate the launch of Lithium Republic XYZ, we’re offering a time-limited airdrop of 3,000 Liti tokens per person.

To access the Liti Token, all you need to do is download a virtual wallet for Solana. We recommend using Phantom.

If you’re interested in receiving a free airdrop of Liti Tokens, just fill out the registration form and provide your wallet address where you’ll receive the Liti tokens.

We’ve chosen to start with the Solana network for our first token due to its notably low transaction costs on the blockchain.


If you haven’t set up your Phantom wallet yet, you can find instructions on how to do so here.